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Our Team Member’s San Antonio Real Estate Business

Our team member Gabrielle Zachary has started a real estate agent business in San Antonio with his lovely wife. If you're looking to buy or sell a house in the San Antonio area, give them a shot!Here's their website:
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What About Your Brand?

Here is what we ask when we conduct the brand discovery exercise that inspires our from-scratch design work:1) Elevator Pitch - just a broad overview so we can get to know you.2) Who is your target audience? What do we know about them? What do they know about you? What problem are they trying to…
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Joomla Development

Sadly, we can only be experts in so many things, and Joomla is not one. However, a kindred organization that does offer Joomla development is Revolution Studios up near Temple. Check them out here.
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Austin Web & Design earns spot in top 5 on Clutch!

Austin Web & Design was highlighted as a top 5 web designer yesterday in Clutch’s Austin, Texas Web Design press release yesterday. We were recognized for our strong market presence, our diversified clientele, and our positive feedback and reviews from our clients. Clutch, a ratings and reviews platform based in Washington DC, provides research on…
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SEO in 3 easy steps

AKA: How we Got to be # 1! SEO really takes some effort, but it can be done. There's no real secret to it - just consistent, diligent activity. [spacer] Step 1: Determine your target terms. These are the keyword groups you most want to come up in search for. For us, it's "Austin web…
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How to come up with a good brand

Before we can build anyone's website, we always want to get to the bottom of what our client's brand is about.  Some know their brand attributes well, but most do not.  Here is what I sent one recent client prospect on that topic. What makes you guys a great choice, for your clients? What unique…
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The 8 most important DIY things you can do for your SEO

8 Things You Should Do For SEO 1. Get great backlinks These are links from other websites, preferably websites with similar keywords to yours, that go back to yours when clicked. The websites should have something to do with yours, or at least the page where our link is should have to do with yours.…
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Setting Up HTTPS

Setting up an SSL certificate and enabling HTTPS is a pretty straightforward progress and provides benefits to both security and SEO. To begin the process you'll need to request an SSL from your host (this is recommended to reduce complications, but you can order an SSL from many third party providers). Requesting an SSL Log…
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Google Authorship

Google Authorship Getting found in the vast ocean that is Google can be tricky. There certainly are a lot of factors, but if you want to make it to the top of the search results, authorship is an absolute must. Without it, some other party could easily steal your words since Google won't automatically recognize…
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Jabberwocky or Spam?

Let's play Jabberwocky or Spam. Jabberocky is, of course, the awesomely nonsensical Lewis Carol poem from Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There. Don't google it yet though.  First:   1) He took his vorpal sword in hand 2) You could unquestionably total a cup of whey in fancy to of the gingerbug 3) And the mome raths…
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