Updates, Redesigns, and Tasks by the Hour

$119 - $155/hour, billed in 15-minute increments

Keep your Nickels. Keep your Dimes.

$155/hour normally. $119/hour with a maintenance plan. Even less with a retainer.

If you only need us for 15 minutes, we'll only charge you for 15 minutes. If you need us for 2 hours and 45 minutes, we won't round up to 3 hours, but instead will charge for 2 hours and 45 minutes. That seems fair.

Oh - and don't tell anyone, but if your task takes less than 8 minutes, we'll just do it at no charge. No sense going to the trouble to invoice 8 minutes right? We'd rather have your goodwill. Actually, go ahead and tell everyone you know. Good relationships are what this business is built on.

Need a Proper Website Redesign?

Best Not to Lipstick that Pig

If what you really need is top-to-bottom redesign, we treat that just like a new web project. Please head over to our web design prices page and read about our website packages for that.

Website Updates

OK, no Lipstick, but maybe some Accessories

We would be delighted to work on your website. We'll gladly offer you an estimate on any work that needs doing. If possible, we'll offer an estimate for your task on an hourly basis with a not-to-exceed upper limit. That way, you'll know your task won't exceed your budget, and if it ends up going quicker than expected, you only have to pay for the time spent.


Keep it Safe. Keep it Secure.

We encourage everyone to keep up with their website maintenance. If you want us to regularly update your website's software, make sure backups are happening, and apply our favorite security software and settings, please head on over to our maintenance page to get the deets and sign up.


No longer just for teeth

Some clients expect to need us for a certain amount of time each month. For them, we gladly offer a retainer arrangement. Retainers allow clients purchasing our time in bulk to receive preferential hourly rates and predictability of expense. As an added benefit, if there is unused retainer time at the end of any month, those hours may be used in the following month. Please contact us to inquire.

Ways to Work With Us
  • On an hourly basis at $155/hour billed in 1/4 hour increments with no minimum
  • On a web project basis (see our website packages)
  • Hourly, with a not-to-exceed upper limit so there's no risk of going over budget
  • Retain us for Maintenance
  • Keep us on Retainer

Austin Web Design does Hourly Work

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