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Web Design Awards & Recognition

Web Host Ranking calls Austin Web & Design one of Texas' Top Web Design Companies Austin Web & Design is one of the top Texas web designers. With over 10 years of experience, Austin Web & Design has a team that is extremely educated and dedicated. They have been so successful over the years by…
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AWD Employee Journal: Revenge of the Monday

Monday approaches! Quick, grab your sunglasses and put your low-hanging "I didn't spend late hours at that geek bar downtown last night" hat on so no one will notice that you're still hung over! I jest. While at just about every job I've worked prior to this one I couldn't bear the thought of returning…
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AWD Employee Journal: One Week Later

This time last Friday, I couldn't have told you (with a straight face) that I knew how to complete a single productive action using my computer. That is unless you consider obsessively checking Facebook "productive." But a week has passed now, and I am slowly dipping my toes into the basics of web design. In…
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AWD Employee Journal: The Adventure Begins

When I first began working at Austin Web and Design less than a week ago, I knew that I’d be in for an adventure. Our office space is not your typical corporate cubicle-jungle, molested by the never-ending hums of fluorescent lighting and water coolers. Instead, the magic happens in the cozy downstairs of one Isaac…
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