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Website Maintenance and Updates

Isn’t the web amazing? Instead of printing zillions of brochures, phone books, postcards, and other collateral that inevitably goes out of date and needs reprinting, we can simply update our website! All this magic does require a certain amount of maintenance from time to time, though.

No matter which maintenance plan you choose, as a maintenance subscriber, you'll automatically receive critical updates and fixes whenever we become aware of a significant vulnerability. You'll also receive a reduced hourly rate of $119/hour on any hourly work for which we are engaged.

Our maintenance plans are available to all current Austin Web Design clients, past clients, and pretty much anyone who wants to make sure their website is as functional and protected as possible.

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Updates by the Hour


Whatever you need, we’ll do it. We’ll even provide a written estimate of the time it will take and not exceed the maximum you approve. Say, ”when.”

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Website Maintenance Review

We’re so confident that our “The Works” monthly website maintenance plan is the absolute best practice for keeping your website secure, if your website does somehow get hacked or infected we’ll perform a complete de-hack and restoration absolutely free.



Twice per year we’ll spend an hour checking out your website, making sure backups are happening, updating software, and bringing anything urgent to your attention. Your website may require more attention than the single hour per six months allows, in which case we’ll make recommendations and you can purchase additional time at your discretion.

If your website does get hacked, we'll dehack it for 25% off.



Every three months we’ll spend an hour going through your website to make sure everything is working, implementing security fixes, updating plugins, and let you know if we find other tasks we think need to be addressed.

If your website does get hacked, we'll dehack it for half price.



What can a web developer do with your website in an hour per month? Quite a lot, actually. We’ll proactively search out solutions to known issues and suggest solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had including speed optimization, making SEO improvements, and letting you know what else you could do to make your website convert like no other.

If your website does get hacked, we'll dehack it for free.

This is what you get.

Whether your website is loaded with complex features or just a bare-bones design, all websites require regular maintenance to ensure they remain functional over time. We’ve designed 3 different maintenance plans to help websites of all sizes stay in top form.

All of our maintenance plans include:

Critical Vulnerability Response (CVR)

Any time a new WordPress weakness is discovered, we’ll take necessary measures to protect your website.

Automatic Backups

We’ll set up automatic backups and double check to ensure they’re functional during every maintenance session.

Discounted Hourly Labor

Plan subscribers receive all hourly labor for $119/hr.

Uptime Monitoring

If your website goes down, we’ll know about it right away and will alert you immediately. You can even authorize emergency service and we’ll get you back online before you even knew there was a problem!

In addition, you’ll also receive website maintenance sessions on a regular basis. Depending on the plan you choose, these sessions can occur monthly, quarterly, or annually.

During your Maintenance Session, your developer will perform some or all of the following:

  • Update your website's WordPress software
  • Install newest versions of plug ins
  • Manual proactive bug search
  • Website load speed improvements
  • Verify link integrity
  • SSL security certificate implementation (if applicable)
  • Provide recommendations for future enhancement

To enroll in a website maintenance plan, complete the form below. An Account Manager will contact you to retrieve additional information and schedule your first maintenance.

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