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How to come up with a good brand

Before we can build anyone's website, we always want to get to the bottom of what our client's brand is about.  Some know their brand attributes well, but most do not.  Here is what I sent one recent client prospect on that topic. What makes you guys a great choice, for your clients? What unique…
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About Us: Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy An Uncompromising Attitude At Austin Web and Design, we strive to provide quality design at an affordable price. Most website design firms have only one of two things in mind: either design or programming. But at Austin Web and Design, we put value first. Our customers are impressed with our programming and design…
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Website Packages

Website Packages At Austin Web and Design, we recognize that each of our clients have specific needs that simply can’t be met by the broad, sweeping techniques used by most other web design companies. That’s why we offer several packages to our customers, each customizable, to ensure that your business is represented exactly as you…
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10 Ways to Ruin Your WebSite

Sadly, sometimes clients mess up their own sites.  Without further ado, Not communicate. We can't make something from nothing.  We'll make your content look great, but if we don't have content, you won't have a website. Go out of order. Don't try and come up with your site's branding last. If it would affect the whole…
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What is Your Unique Selling Point?

Unique Selling Point (USP): In traditional marketing speak, that's what sets you apart from your competition. In some ways, it's very useful. Imagine if you own one of the only two Chinese restaurants in town. You might choose to focus on how yours is, "cleaner." Or has, "better food."  That would make perfect sense. As…
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What is Your Brand?

Brand: That's you. That's your company, as a person. In a marketing communication, the brand is the speaker, and that contributes powerfully to the meaning of the message.  If your mom asks you for a quarter, you give it to her. If a police officer asks for your license and registration, you do it without…
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The Story of You

You've probably heard marketing terms being tossed around.  Brand, USP, insight, resonance, takeaway, etc.  I was trying to sum this up for a client the other day and struck on something I kind of like, which is as follows: In  the beginning, there was story. Primitive man told stories around the campfire.  You tell stories…
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