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  • ATX Luxury Builders

    ATX Luxury Builders

    Custom features, from post listings to taxonomies, help contribute to a unique redesign for this luxury construction client.

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  • GD4 Test Services

    GD4 Test Services

    This elaborate site features custom coding, dynamic listing services, and a comprehensive glossary showcasing the client's wide array of services.

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  • Seattle Funding Group

    Seattle Funding Group

    This site redesign featured an overhaul front and back, to unify code into reusable formats and implement fresh design palettes.

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  • TaxPRO


    This site redesign features custom coded sections for featured content and sharpened logos, icons, and graphics.

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  • Provider on Demand

    Provider on Demand

    The project for Provider on Demand included two websites, one for the general public, and the other as a private…

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  • Surgical Associates of Corpus Christi

    Surgical Associates of Corpus Christi

    The new website includes custom post types for all their medical services and specialties, and for their staff of surgeons.

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  • Via Hope

    Via Hope

    This expansive site redesign uses custom post types, tasteful animations, online payment systems, and custom code for application systems.

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  • Avanza


    This Elaborate Site Package features custom post types for news and reports, site animations, an automatic testimonial slider.

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  • Riverbend Estate

    Riverbend Estate

    A modern redesign for a home construction site featuring a fresh design, a custom post template and pop-up inquiry page.

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  • Abercrombie Jewelry

    Abercrombie Jewelry

    This standard package includes eCommerce, light animations, and an artistic redesign for this vintage jewelry brand.

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  • Lake Oil Company

    Lake Oil Company

    Light animations, a bold new logo, and distinctive presentation helped to create a bright website redesign.

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  • Mesa Contracting LLC

    Mesa Contracting LLC

    This basic site package features custom posting systems for jobs and projects, a premade design, and a straightforward backend system.

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  • Society of Black Archaeologists

    Society of Black Archaeologists

    This site features custom media features, easy to update private member directory, and an event calendar within a Standard Web…

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  • Bellwether Counseling

    Bellwether Counseling

    This site's redesign featured rebranded elements, CSS animations, and custom contact forms as part of a Standard Package.

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  • The Pavilion Company

    The Pavilion Company

    This website recreation project for The Pavilion Company features custom coding for an accurate 1-to-1 recreation on an updated platform.

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  • Shoberg Homes

    Shoberg Homes

    This redesign project for Shoberg Homes features our AWD custom WordPress theme, expansive filterable image galleries, and custom posts for…

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  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 67

    Sheet Metal Workers Local 67

    This custom coded website project for Sheet Metal Workers Local 67 features our AWD custom WordPress theme, custom-coded application page…

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  • The Urban Layover

    The Urban Layover

    This custom-coded website project for Urban Layover features a custom property booking portal, interactive attractions map, and a user-friendly contact…

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  • Tarquin Coolpro

    Tarquin Coolpro

    This website redesign features a product page with custom post types to allow further customization in the future, alongside a…

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  • J.D. Abrams

    J.D. Abrams

    This website redesign project for J.D. Abrams features our AWD custom WordPress theme

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  • CourTNet


    This website redesign project for CourTNet features our AWD custom WordPress theme

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  • Accurate Inc.

    Accurate Inc.

    This website redesign project for Accurate Inc. features our AWD custom WordPress theme

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  • The Moore Group

    The Moore Group

    This website redesign includes a custom-built portfolio project page on a custom branded site, with reusable elements for potential expansion.

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  • Waco Family Medicine: Residency

    Waco Family Medicine: Residency

    Features a video background and custom blocks, templates, and icons throughout the website in addition to an expansive team page.

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  • Vertias QA

    Vertias QA

    This site features custom page design, with tasteful animations and custom contact pages to complement advanced WordPress blocks for simple…

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  • Austin Revitalization Authority

    Austin Revitalization Authority

    Features several custom post types for their development projects, history timeline, and community shows featuring their artists.

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  • Resource Management Institute

    Resource Management Institute

    This website redesign project for Resource Management Institute features our AWD custom WordPress theme

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  • Elevator Consulting Services

    Elevator Consulting Services

    This website features a custom team plugin for highlighting their team members with links to their emails, resumes, and LinkedIn…

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  • J & A General Contracting

    J & A General Contracting

    This website redesign features custom posts and custom fields for showcasing the portfolio of their past projects and an online…

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  • Criminal Justice Expert Panel

    Criminal Justice Expert Panel

    A custom coded online survey system for selecting multiple panelists with email notifications and Mailchimp integration.

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  • Investors’ Hub by Tremonti

    Investors’ Hub by Tremonti

    This website project for Investors' Hub by Tremonti features our own AWD WordPress theme, which is fast and speedy.

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  • KDH Consulting

    KDH Consulting

    The Basics Web Design package delivers big with this 1-page layout.

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  • Waco Family Medicine

    Waco Family Medicine

    Features our custom AWD theme and a location map for their locations in the Waco, Temple, and Bell County areas.

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  • The Healing Center

    The Healing Center

    We not only serve the Austin area, we also have clients in Massachusetts. Check out this Basics package

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  • Strikefast Logistics

    Strikefast Logistics

    A great example of how The Basics Web Design package can get you everything you need.

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  • Austin Staffing

    Austin Staffing

    The Austin Staffing redesign features a lively color palette and the website loads around +/- 1s, which is great for…

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  • The Tennis Shop

    The Tennis Shop

    The Tennis Shop's redesigned website featuring our AWD custom theme.

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  • JC Communications

    JC Communications

    JC Communications needed a website redesign to give their online presence a modern and responsive feel.

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  • Hidden Lake Technology

    Hidden Lake Technology

    This website features a custom speedy AWD WordPress theme, templates, custom posts for the client's Case Studies, and Business Solutions

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  • Corrections Software Solutions

    Corrections Software Solutions

    The design project features a custom website developed on the fast and reliable Genesis framework and a custom template with…

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  • Lee County Petroleum

    Lee County Petroleum

    Lee County Petroleum is a distributor of gasoline and diesel motor fuels under the Chevron, Texaco, Citgo, Valero, and Flint…

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  • Nerds in a Flash

    Nerds in a Flash

    Features custom templates, custom fields, javascript modal pop-ups, a blog, and a premium contact form. Looks great on mobile devices.

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  • Haskell for Justice

    Haskell for Justice

    Features a 2-page Wix website that features an online blog. The website helps establish our client an online presence, list…

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  • Enviro Air & Water

    Enviro Air & Water

    The website redesign project for the Enviro Air & Water features custom templates and custom fields.

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  • Live Oak Investment Partners

    Live Oak Investment Partners

    The website redesign features a custom theme, WordPress blocks for editing layouts and internal elements, and a team custom post…

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  • DSPC Advisors

    DSPC Advisors

    This web design project features a background video, services, and FAQ pages for listing and describing the client's offerings.

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  • Jamestown Estate Homes

    Jamestown Estate Homes

    The website redesign project for the Jamestown Estate Homes custom templates for property listings and galleries.

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  • Power Energy Logistics

    Power Energy Logistics

    Website Project The website project for the Power Energy Logistics features custom fields and custom templates that allow for easy…

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  • Nalle Custom Homes

    Nalle Custom Homes

    An "Elaborate" website redesign project for the Nalle Custom Homes. An Austin new home builder.

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  • Westlake Lymphatic

    Westlake Lymphatic

    Website Redesign Project The website redesign project for the Westlake Lymphatic features full width sections, custom section dividers, a testimonial…

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  • CREI Partners

    CREI Partners

    Web Design Project The new website for CREI Partners features custom templates and fields for easy updating and layouts. Multiple…

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  • Austin Leather & Gallery

    Austin Leather & Gallery

    The website redesign features an online eCommerce shopping cart full of leather furniture and other retail products.

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  • Batch by Ellen

    Batch by Ellen

    Website with custom forms for taking online orders and tallying cookie quantities & price totals.

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  • Texas Land

    Texas Land

    New real estate website with MLS integration.

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  • E Technologies Group

    E Technologies Group

    Website redesign features a custom template with several layouts for the client's website.

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  • TAME


    The website redesign project for the Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering (TAME).

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  • Coolmasters AC & Heating

    Coolmasters AC & Heating

    Website Redesign Project This website redesign project for Coolmasters AC & Heating features a custom template with custom fields for…

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  • O’s Campus Cafe

    O’s Campus Cafe

    Redsign Website Project The redesign for the O's Campus Cafe website project features a custom template with custom sections of…

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  • Concierge Family Medicine

    Concierge Family Medicine

    Web Redesign Project The website redesign for Concierge Family Medicine features a new fresh design built with custom templates and…

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  • Local 104

    Local 104

    Web Design Project The Local 104 website might be one of our "Halfsie Web Designs", but it comes with everything…

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  • American Chemie

    American Chemie

    Redsign Website Project The redesign for the American Chemie website project features a custom template with custom sections of custom…

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  • First National Bank of Eagle Lake

    First National Bank of Eagle Lake

    Web Design Project The website design for First National Bank of Eagle Lake features custom fields and custom templates for…

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  • Waterloo Media

    Waterloo Media

    Web Redesign Project The website redesign for Waterloo Media features custom posts for their radio stations, customized sliders for showing…

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  • Kinsey Plumbing Services

    Kinsey Plumbing Services

    The website redesign features custom forms for client communications, a Google Reviews plugin to showcase customer testimonials, and calls to…

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  • C Mount Production Services

    C Mount Production Services

    The website redesign for C Mount includes custom fields, templates, forms, and is mobile responsive.

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  • Bridge at Asher Apartments

    Bridge at Asher Apartments

    Website redesign for an apartment complex in Austin, Texas. The website features custom galleries, fields, and templates.

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  • Rae Cosmetics

    Rae Cosmetics

    Rae Cosmetics features an online eCommerce shopping cart full of beauty and performance products.

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  • About Wellness Ohio

    About Wellness Ohio

    Web Design Project The About Wellness Ohio website features an age verification modal pop up, custom banners for background images,…

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  • Zuniga Law Firm

    Zuniga Law Firm

    Website redesign featuring a language switcher with content in both English and Spanish versions.

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  • Victory Rock USA

    Victory Rock USA

    The newly redesigned Victory Rock USA website features two custom sliders synced to transition together to showcase their services.

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  • Enve Builders

    Enve Builders

    Website redesign featuring a custom slider to showcase the beautiful new construction and remodeled home projects.

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  • The Custom Coverings

    The Custom Coverings

    An affordable website that is featured packed with image and testimonial sliders and image galleries.

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  • Merlin Works

    Merlin Works

    Web design with bright and fun imagery, custom sliders, bullet lists, and icon boxes to help navigate the website.

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  • Tropical Scapes

    Tropical Scapes

    Web Design Project The Tropical Scapes, website might be one of our "Halfsie Web Designs", but it comes with everything…

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  • The Oweyssi Law Firm

    The Oweyssi Law Firm

    Located in Houston, Texas and this website is a legal industry website that we developed for our client.

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  • ASCE Texas Section

    ASCE Texas Section

    Website redesign project for ASCE Texas section. An engineering industry website we developed for our client.

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  • Live Tobacco Free Austin

    Live Tobacco Free Austin

    The Austin Public Health Department wanted to refresh their Live Tobacco Free website with the latest web standards and add…

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  • Baby Day

    Baby Day

    Baby Day wanted a mobile responsive site that would allow them to increase members, post upcoming events, and provide information…

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  • Ninnescah Valley Bank

    Ninnescah Valley Bank

    The Ninnescah Valley Bank website features full-width rows, custom event posts, and custom page templates and custom fields, so the…

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  • Marsilli Homes

    Marsilli Homes

    Marsilli Home's new website features video backgrounds, custom slide out menu, multiple galleries to showcase their custom designs, construction, and…

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  • Hair District Collective

    Hair District Collective

    The Hair District Collective's new website features an initial splash screen that lets the user choose if they want to…

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  • Tessy Lou Williams

    Tessy Lou Williams

    The new redesigned Tessy Lou Williams and The Shotgun Stars website features a sticky menu, a full-width slider, embedded YouTube…

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  • Lawrence Auto Title Website

    Lawrence Auto Title Website

    Lawrence Auto Title needed a total overhaul on their website. The way their clients signed up for and paid for…

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  • Athena Performance

    Athena Performance

    The Athena Performance team has created formulas that will help their consumers conquer their fitness goals. They wanted a website…

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  • Via Hope

    Via Hope

    "Via Hope contracted with Austin Web and Design to create an entirely new website. The website included several backend functionalities…

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  • Numberock


    The Numberock eCommerce website redesign was a custom coded solution that allowed lessons to be created with custom fields for…

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  • Austin Mobile Storage

    Austin Mobile Storage

    Austin Mobile Storage is an Austin based portable storage company that's been in the self storage industry since 1997. Austin…

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  • UT School of Nursing

    UT School of Nursing

    Dr. Tracie Harrison needed a website that would provide training modules with quizzes, video content, and printable certificates. This site…

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