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And Together They Form...

Austin Web and Design is an Austin born, Austin-bred web design company. Our team works collaboratively to provide the best combination of design, functionality, and efficiency. Team members are selected for their talent, their ability to deliver value for our clients, and how nice they are.

As a client, you will have a single point of contact who, for efficiency’s sake, is probably also the person doing all or most of the work on your project.

Click on a name below to read a team member's bio and see their projects. To contact a team member, please click here.

Austin Web and Design's owner Isaac Simon.

Isaac Simon


Degrees: BS in Advertising and BS in Radio Television Film from University of Texas at Austin with honors
Background: 10 years in marketing
Roles: Founder, Chief Cook, Bottle Washer
Quote: “Braaiiinnsss

Austin Web and Design's Customer Care Advocate David Simon.

David Simon

Customer Care Advocate

Degrees: 360
Background: Contractor Direct Sales, Restaurant Owner/Manager
Roles: Customer Care/Committed to customer satisfaction.
Quote: “We get it right the first time, if not we'll fix it!"

Austin Web and Design's designer and web developer Shireen Emami.

Shireen Emami


Degrees: BFA in Product Design from Parsons The New School for Design
Background: Product Design. Graphic Design. Food Design. Teacher. Consultant.
Roles: Project Manager / Designer
Quote: “Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.”

Austin Web and Design's web developer Ben Andrews.

Ben Andrews

Web Developer

Degrees: HND Computing & Software Engineering, BSc Computer Science & Software Engineering
Background: Tech support, Tech Support Team Management, Network Engineering, Programming, Web Application Development, Website Development, Business Owner
Roles: Development
Quote: "A wizard is never late.. Nor is he early. He arrives

Austin Web and Design's designer and web developer Gavin Hartman.

Gavin Hartman


Degrees: Self Taught
Background: Project Management, Quality Assurance, Web Coding, IT
Roles: Development and Maintenance
Quote: "Bears.Beets.Battlestar Galactica."

Austin Web and Design's designer and web developer Brandon Washburn.

Brandon Washburn


Degrees: Blackbelt
Background: This
Roles: Coder
Quote: “El Sob #1!.”

Austin Web and Design's designer and web developer Alex Frank.

Alex Frank


Degrees: BS in Journalism with a minor in music from Texas State University
Background: Geocities, Design, Photography, Music, and Writing
Roles: Coder
Quote: “You just got Jammed!”

Austin Web and Design's designer and web developer James Benavides.

James Benavides


Degrees: AAS Graphic Design and AAS Web & Interactive Degree
Background: Graphic and Web Design with a pinch of Photography
Roles: Designer/Coder
Quote: “Today is the day”

Austin Web and Design's custom coder Rick Martinez

Rick Martinez

Custom Coder

Degrees: I'm kind of a pilot
Background: Web Design and such of that nature
Roles: Doctor of WordPress Surgery
Quote: 11A11A2B1B2B3000Destruct0

Austin Web and Design's designer and web developer  Audrey Callahan.

Audrey Callahan


Degrees: AA in Web and Graphic Design
Background: WordPress, Graphic Design, Web Design, Marketing, Music
Roles: Web Designer"
Quote: "No matter what the weather, bring your own sunshine."

Austin Web and Design's web developer Rachael Brown.

Rachael Brown

Web Developer

Degrees: BSc Computer Science
Background: Web Design & Development, WordPress, Bootstrap
Roles: Developer
Quote: “Life is short and so am I.”

Austin Web and Design's Spanish Project Manager Maryorie Pavon

Maryorie Pavon

Spanish Project Manager and Onboarder

Degrees: BS in Advertising & Minor in Art and Design from Texas State University. AAS Graphic Design from Austin Community College
Background: Spanish, Graphic Design, WordPress, Social Media, and some Printmaking.
Roles: Spanish Projects
Quote: “Try not. Do or Do not. There is no try.”

Austin Web and Design's Traffic Manager and Quality Assurance team member Scott Doughty

Scott Doughty

Project Manager / Developer / QA

Degrees: BA in Art History
Background: Graphic Design, Photography, Teacher
Roles: Onboarding, Client Relationships, Web Design, Quality Assurance
Quote: "Laugh it up, fuzzball!"

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