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Adding Users to Google Search Console (Webmasters)

How To: Add Users to Google Search Console (Webmasters) We often get asked, here at AWD, to add our websites to Google Analytics (GA) and to the Google Search Console (GSC), which was formerly called Google Webmasters. You can always send us your login information, but that is not recommended. A much safer way is…
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SEO in 3 easy steps

AKA: How we Got to be # 1! SEO really takes some effort, but it can be done. There's no real secret to it - just consistent, diligent activity. Step 1: Determine your target terms. These are the keyword groups you most want to come up in search for. For us, it's "Austin web design."…
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How to come up with a good brand

Before we can build anyone's website, we always want to get to the bottom of what our client's brand is about.  Some know their brand attributes well, but most do not.  Here is what I sent one recent client prospect on that topic. What makes you guys a great choice, for your clients? What unique…
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The 8 most important DIY things you can do for your SEO

These are the 8 main things you should do for SEO: 1) Get great backlinks. These are links from other sites, preferably sites with similar keywords to yours, that go back to yours when clicked. The sites should have something to do with yours, or at least the page where our link is should have…
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Setting up iThemes Security

Setting up iThemes Security Adding iThemes to your site is a great way to add basic security measures and reduce the risk of automated attacks crippling your website. Here we'll run through the steps to set up a basic installation. 1) Install iThemes Security Pro - while in the plugins section click 'License' under iThemes…
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Setting Up HTTPS

Setting up an SSL certificate and enabling HTTPS is a pretty straightforward progress and provides benefits to both security and SEO. To begin the process you'll need to request an SSL from your host (this is recommended to reduce complications, but you can order an SSL from many third party providers). Requesting an SSL Log…
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Updating WordPress

Updating Wordpress Updating Wordpress is a fairly simple process, but as with any update Austin Web & Design recommends taking the necessary steps for protecting your data. A full backup of your website files and Wordpress database is needed before attempting a Wordpress update. These backups are a needed precaution incase anything goes wrong and…
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Updating WordPress Plugins

Before updating your WordPress plugins it is recommended that you backup your database, and also backup your website files. That way if something stops working with the new version of the plugin, you can easily restore your WordPress site to the previously working configuration. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard. You can click on either…
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