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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) configuration

Yoast Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin is awesome and used correctly it can have a massive impact on getting sites to rank well for their chosen keywords and phrases but the downside of being so highly configurable is that it can be a daunting prospect to get it set up properly. Follow theses simple steps…
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SEO in 3 easy steps

AKA: How we Got to be # 1! SEO really takes some effort, but it can be done. There's no real secret to it - just consistent, diligent activity. Step 1: Determine your target terms. These are the keyword groups you most want to come up in search for. For us, it's "Austin web design."…
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The 8 most important DIY things you can do for your SEO

These are the 8 main things you should do for SEO: 1) Get great backlinks. These are links from other sites, preferably sites with similar keywords to yours, that go back to yours when clicked. The sites should have something to do with yours, or at least the page where our link is should have…
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Google Authorship

Google Authorship Getting found in the vast ocean that is Google can be tricky. There certainly are a lot of factors, but if you want to make it to the top of the search results, authorship is an absolute must. Without it, some other party could easily steal your words since Google won't automatically recognize…
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WordPress Speed Optimization

One of the key concepts for optimizing a WordPress site's speed is caching. I'm talking about server-side cache, not local cache.  You can set up your site so your server has a cached version of every page to send immediately when someone navigates to it.  This is different from the client-side cache you may be…
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White Hat Style and the Danger of Following SEO Trends

An excerpt from an e-mail from my friend, client, and SEO guru Ted Mueller... Adding a whole bunch of backlinks at once can be spammy, it’s important that they appear “natural” meaning the show up over time and don’t have the exact same anchor text every time.  Personally, I think backlinks are becoming less relevant,…
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Getting back-links – it’s a marathon, not a sprint

We recently vaulted from page 4 or so onto page 1 thanks to Google's latest update. Why? Lord only knows. Google has been adjusting their algorithm to better evaluate conversational verbiage, so maybe they no longer read the "and" in our name, URL, and backlinks. Maybe that's why, but really, who knows. So, after being…
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