Custom Code

Can we Code it? (Yes we can!)

Don't dream it. Be it.

The sky is only the limit for people who lack imagination. Whatever it is you've dreamt up, our custom code department of web developers would love to turn it into reality.

What Will it Cost?

We'll estimate it at $115/hour

Due to the non-standard nature of custom code tasks, it might be very quick and affordable or it might be much, much more. It really just depends.

Can I get a Ballpark Estimate?


A thousand times yes. (This link goes to our contact page; hint, hint)

What about a firm estimate?

Scope Scope Scope

If you like our ballpark estimate, we'll proceed to scope out your web development project with you. We'll want to know exactly what each part of your website does, what screens are involved, what notifications get sent, etc. It's crucial that we get this right - we want you to love the finished project.

How can we Keep the Cost Down?

Phasers on Stun

Custom Code is costly. If at all possible, we'll leverage existing software and frameworks that already do portions of what you need. In addition, it may be a good idea to consider following a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) model. MVP simply means building a version of your application that has the important features you need but is as simplified as possible. If the MVP version is a hit, you will know if further investment is justified and should proceed to a second phase of the project to flesh out your vision further.

Areas of Expertise
  • Custom WordPress Functions, Themes, and Plugins
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Member-Only tools
  • eCommerce
  • Text Message and/or E-mail Notifications
  • MLS data / IDX feeds
  • 3rd Party API integration
  • PHP, Code Ignitor, WordPress, WooCommerce, Cake PHP, Javascript, MySQL, etc
  • You name it!

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Some Completed Custom Code - Web Development Sites

  • Lee County Petroleum

    Lee County Petroleum

    Lee County Petroleum is a distributor of gasoline and diesel motor fuels under the Chevron, Texaco, Citgo, Valero, and Flint…

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  • myleafrx


    AWD redesigned a site for myleafrx - a company that offers people a way to get discounts on prescription medication…

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  • Alebrije


    Alebrije wanted to refresh their website to better showcase their film offerings. Using a filterable and searchable films archive, users…

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  • Baby Day

    Baby Day

    Baby Day wanted a mobile responsive site that would allow them to increase members, post upcoming events, and provide information…

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  • Indian River Fruit Company

    Indian River Fruit Company

    Indian River Fruit Company needed a modern and responsive eCommerce website design that streamlined the sales of their fruit baskets.…

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  • Power Hungry Performance

    Power Hungry Performance

    Power Hungry Performance needed a responsive website that showcased their tuning products while connecting the customers to the dealers that…

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  • Dentappraisal


    The new Dentappraisal eCommerce website design features full-width rows with background images or colors, font awesome icons, custom forms with…

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  • Legacysphere


    Legacysphere offers a unique service and needed an equally unique membership solution. We teamed up with them to offer them…

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  • Via Hope

    Via Hope

    "Via Hope contracted with Austin Web and Design to create an entirely new website. The website included several backend functionalities…

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  • Noa Botanicals

    Noa Botanicals

    Noa Botanicals needed a responsive website that showed clients that they are a trusted source of medical cannabis information, from…

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  • Aragon Auto Glass

    Aragon Auto Glass

    Aragon Auto Glass is an automotive glass repair and installation company in the Austin, TX area.  They were looking to…

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  • Numberock


    The Numberock eCommerce website redesign was a custom coded solution that allowed lessons to be created with custom fields for…

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  • RTM Consulting

    RTM Consulting

    RTM Consulting needed a responsive solution to market their extensive list services. In order to showcase their content we created…

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  • UT School of Nursing

    UT School of Nursing

    Dr. Tracie Harrison needed a website that would provide training modules with quizzes, video content, and printable certificates. This site…

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  • Fibrations


    Fibrations is a custom eCommerce website design that allows the client to manage and sell a large inventory of hand-made…

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  • ATX Cloud Tech

    ATX Cloud Tech

    ATX Cloud Tech's eCommerce website design features: Custom Device Registration Form - items purchased via site can be registered to…

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  • Confirmed Consent

    Confirmed Consent

    "With that said James, gotta say we love working with you and how responsive/efficient you've been."

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