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Server Cache vs. Local Cache

If you think of your server as a kitchen that cooks up website pages according to the recipes you create in the WordPress admin area, the server cache is the hot window where premade pages are stored for future use.  That way, when someone says, "gimme the projects page" the server has a projects page…
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Log-in Security Options for s2Member

Brute Force IP/Login Restrictions If your website uses s2Member for membership functionality then you have additional options for adjusting log-in security. To reach these extra security settings you'll click "Restriction Options" under the s2Member menu item in the admin panel. Once you're here click on the "Brute Force IP/Login Restrictions" accordion and you'll be able…
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iThemes Security Lockouts and How to Prevent Your Users From Getting Blocked

iThemes Security is an extremely effective security plugin for WordPress, but sometimes it can block the users you want accessing your site from logging in. In this post I'll show you how to make take steps towards preventing this frustrating scenario from happening. Local Brute Force Settings One of the main methods hackers use to…
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The 8 most important DIY things you can do for your SEO

8 Things You Should Do For SEO 1. Get great backlinks These are links from other websites, preferably websites with similar keywords to yours, that go back to yours when clicked. The websites should have something to do with yours, or at least the page where our link is should have to do with yours.…
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WordPress Speed Optimization

One of the key concepts for optimizing a WordPress site's speed is caching. I'm talking about server-side cache, not local cache.  You can set up your site so your server has a cached version of every page to send immediately when someone navigates to it.  This is different from the client-side cache you may be…
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