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Updating WordPress

Updating Wordpress Updating Wordpress is a fairly simple process, but as with any update Austin Web & Design recommends taking the necessary steps for protecting your data. A full backup of your website files and Wordpress database is needed before attempting a Wordpress update. These backups are a needed precaution incase anything goes wrong and…
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Updating WordPress Plugins

Before updating your WordPress plugins it is recommended that you backup your database, and also backup your website files. That way if something stops working with the new version of the plugin, you can easily restore your WordPress site to the previously working configuration. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard. You can click on either…
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Backup your Website

Backing up your website is a necessary step for all users. Before making any changes to your website, it is best practice to always create a full backup of your website files and database. Creating a full backup ensures you back up everything and is the safest method to ensure all your website files are…
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