What About Your Brand?

Here is what we ask when we conduct the brand discovery exercise that inspires our from-scratch design work:

1) Elevator Pitch - just a broad overview so we can get to know you.

2) Who is your target audience? What do we know about them? What do they know about you? What problem are they trying to solve by coming to your website? What brought them to the site and what will they experience as they progress through the rest of your sales process?

3) Who are your competitors?

4) What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)? This is what your customer should tell you if you ask them why they're choosing you over your competition.

5) How is your USP expressed as a benefit to your target audience? How does it solve their problem? What difference can they expect to experience in their lives as a result?

6) What can we say that adds meaning and context to the idea that you can solve your customer's problem better than anyone else? What justification or story will make that idea more resonant? What core strengths give you the ability to provide that solution?

We take the above information, and especially the answers to the last question, and form an identity (brand) for your company and its attributes. Then we try and imagine how a brand like yours would express itself on its website.

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