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We get it. You're busy. Writing copy for a website is, at best, a chore. Not only do you have a million things you need to do, there's a million things you'd RATHER do. So... don't. Don't do your own writing. Let Austin Web and Design take care of it. Not only will we provide smart, delightfully sparkling words and phrases for your website, but we'll also do it quickly at a reasonable rate — just $0.40/word.

Our Process:

    1. Gather information on our topic
    2. Draw up the writing
    3. Submit for review
    4. Make Revisions and resubmit until approved
    5. Voila!

Having a new website doesn't have to be a chore. It can be as easy as breathing... It can be effortless.

Copywriting Web Content

We write tailored, conversion-oriented content that not only describes what you do brilliantly; it also encourages the reader to take action. Each piece of content is automatically optimized for SEO and is professionally edited. There are no upcharges or additional fees, just the high-quality content you need, on-demand.

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Copywriting Blog Posts

Business owners often have high hopes for their website’s blog, but the daily demands of the company usually get in the way of creating engaging posts on a regular basis. With our blog writing services, you’ll get compelling, industry-focused content when you need it. Whether you want to blog once a day, once a week, or once a month, we’ll create the posts that will keep your site’s visitors engaged and informed. Our blogging services include SEO optimization and custom visuals for each post. Our team will research blog topic ideas in your specific industry to find the right material that will resonate with your audience.

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Copywriting Press Releases and Distribution

When your business has news to announce, there is no better way to get the word out than through an official press release. We can craft custom releases for our clients or will happily use releases created by your PR team, and can distribute them on the industry-leading PRNewswire network.

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Social Media Management

You’re now creating great content, but is anyone reading it? Your company’s social profiles are invaluable extensions of your brand online. They can reach wider audiences than ever before, and with compelling content on them, you could see an immediate increase in visitors to your site and engagement with your brand. Let us be the curators of your accounts. We’ll create the content schedule, craft custom posts to push essential initiatives, and will engage with your audience on your behalf.

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E-Book Ghostwriting

E-books are a great way to generate e-mail marketing leads or establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Regardless of how you want to use it, writing an e-book is time-consuming and can be difficult for a business owner to create without help. We can take this burden off of your hands. We’ll conduct interviews with you to get the relevant information, create an outline for your approval, and will get to work crafting an E-book written in your voice that you can be proud of. Packages include custom graphic designs from seasoned designers for cover and interior pages. Online and print publishing is an additional fee but can be added upon request.

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