AWD Employee Journal: Revenge of the Monday

Monday approaches! Quick, grab your sunglasses and put your low-hanging "I didn't spend late hours at that geek bar downtown last night" hat on so no one will notice that you're still hung over!

I jest.

While at just about every job I've worked prior to this one I couldn't bear the thought of returning to another week-long sentence as a wage slave, Monday here at Austin Web and Design is an entirely different beast. I kid you not: I just fulfilled one of my duties here by spending the last hour reading through Travis McAshan's blog articles and looking at Bruce Lee memorabilia. At work. Yes. Righteous.

These are the things that every post-collegiate young man lay their heads down at night imagining. The main difference between college and working here at Austin Web and Design, though, is that at college you pay to learn. Here, you get paid to learn. Life shouldn't be allowed to get this good.

As we here at Austin Web and Design bask in the glow which radiates naturally from our workspace, though, we never let a moment come to pass which doesn't in some way move our clientele closer to where they want to be. We're finishing up the final touches of Tex Painting's website (pun intended), and since we've stayed in solid correspondence with the kind folks from Tex Painting, we know that they're going to be as delighted with the results as we are with producing them.

But that's just one example. We're also working on a number of other projects simultaneously (who says men can't multitask?) -- including SEO and site construction for:

  • The Ensemble Practice, a downtown Seattle business optimization firm
  • Herbal Concepts, a supplier of natural remedies and medicine
  • Texas Legislative Edge, an assembly of bill-drafting gurus
  • Winn Tutoring, a compassionate and knowledgeable education resource
  • Plaza Sports, an Austin area sporting complex which looks to be truly awesome
  • And much more! Stay tuned to our website portfolio page to check out our latest work!

So yes, we have our hands full here. But thanks to our crack team (and me), we're taking it on, and we're getting it done right. Got a case of the Mondays? We've got the cure here at Austin Web and Design.


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