10 Ways to Ruin Your WebSite

Sadly, sometimes clients mess up their own sites.  Without further ado,

  1. Not communicate. We can't make something from nothing.  We'll make your content look great, but if we don't have content, you won't have a website.
  2. Go out of order. Don't try and come up with your site's branding last. If it would affect the whole site, your over-arching goals, and your core message, start with that.
  3. Select a template you don't really like. We can do a lot of things efficiently, but coming up with a new design you'll just love that's kind of like your template that you already don't like is probably not one of them.
  4. Trying to get a more expensive site than you paid for.  There really is no free lunch.  If you're trying to build the next Facebook, we can help you, but it'll be easier if we know that at the outset.
  5. Have an ugly logo. No piece of art is more important then your logo.  If yours isn't flattering, invest in that.
  6. Write poorly.  Ah the written word.  If English isn't your first language and your name isn't Nabokov (or if you attended school in America but don't know who Nabokov is), you might want to invest in some editing services.
  7. Not understand your own brand.  If you don't know what your company's niche is, it's going to be hard for your website to express that.
  8. The other three.

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