Setting Up HTTPS

Setting up an SSL certificate and enabling HTTPS is a pretty straightforward progress and provides benefits to both security and SEO. To begin the process you'll need to request an SSL from your host (this is recommended to reduce complications, but you can order an SSL from many third party providers).

Requesting an SSL

  1. Log into your cpanel.
  2. Create on of the following emails to respond to verification of issuance: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
  3. There will be a option in the home interface of cpanel to request an SSL Certificate. Fill out the form provided. A support ticket will be created for you.
  4. Monitor the ticket or the email you created and provided for them and follow their instructions. Once your domain is verified they will request issuance. Once the SSL is issued you'll let support know through your ticket.

Once your SSL certificate is enabled you'll need to direct traffic to HTTPS to use it. This is done easily with a plugin.

Enable HTTPS on WordPress

  1. Log into WordPress. Install Easy HTTPS Redirection ( ) and activate it.
  2. Go to Settings > HTTPS Redirection and check both boxes. Click "Save Changes."
  3. Once you've enabled automatic redirection and saved a new option for selecting pages to secure becomes available. Select "The whole domain." Save changes again.
  4. Go to the front-end of the site and browse around, sometimes unsecured resources are called causing a mixed-content warning. You'll need to change those resources to be https:// instead of http://.

And that's it! You're site is now more secure and Google likes you better!

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