Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How to Come Up on Top in Google

AKA Getting Found

Just as Ford Motor Company is not a furniture manufacturer but they always put comfortable seats in their cars, so are we not an SEO company, but we build still build great SEO into our websites because that's how you build a great website.

It's worth noting though - simply building a great, search engine optimized website may not be enough to replace your competitors in the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). If you are competing for top ranking for a high-value term, you'll need to do at least as much as your competitors to rank for that term. That may mean also hiring a top-notch SEO firm to conduct an ongoing SEO campaign for you once your site is built. We don't do SEO campaigns but contact us and we'll gladly let you know who is doing great SEO these days.

On-Site Vs. Off-Site SEO

It's said that Google considers 200 or so factors in determining how to rank websites in their search results. Many of these have to do with the content on your website, its speed, and usability. Other factors include indicators from other websites, like how many backlinks you have, the quality and relevance of the websites that link to yours, and whether you seem to have a thriving social media presence.

When we build a new website or conduct a redesign, we make sure to include great on-site SEO. We don't generally write the content (unless we have been retained to do so), but everything else we can do to give your website great on-site SEO, we do.

On-Site SEO

Included With Every Package

Speed Optimization

Google loves fast-loading websites. We optimize images, streamline code, implement server side cache, and build in a Content Distribution Network (CDN) to make sure your website zips.


Ever notice that you get different results when searching on a desktop vs. on a cell phone? That's because Google knows what type of device you are searching on and doesn't like to serve up mobile-unfriendly websites to searchers on mobile devices. That means, your website better be mobile-friendly. Ours are.

SSL Encryption

Google wants the internet to be safe and secure, so they prefer websites with an SSL certificate (the thing that makes your browser show that little green lock icon). You'll pay about $50/year for an SSL certificate, then we'll implement it for free.

Great use of Keywords

The keywords you use in your content will get included, by us, in various places that reinforce that signal to Google that you are the expert on said keywords. We'll use your keywords in the page title, meta description, image ALT tags, and page URLs.

Beautifully Designed, Sticky Websites

One thing Google loves to see in a website is for people to go there and stay a while. That tells Google that the searcher has found what they were looking for. Inversely, they hate it if someone clicks on a search result and then, "bounces," right back to Google. We only build gorgeous websites that are a joy to use, so you'll have the best chance possible of your visitors sticking around a while.

For Redesigns, Use of same URLs or 301 Redirects

If your old website had a page on a given URL, Google does not want that page to suddenly disappear. We'll either use the same URL for the new page (preferred), or add a 301 redirect rule (plan B) so your old links continue to go somewhere useful and help your SEO.

Google Analytics and Google Seach Console Tools

You can and should monitor your website traffic. It's free and, with a little practice, relatively easy. We'll hook your site up to these powerful tools so you can see how your traffic is flowing and make informed decisions about your content.

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