eCommerce: $11,000

$11,000 Investment - Unlimited Return

eCommerce Website Design Prices and Examples

NumberRock Project

Bezos 2.0

Welcome to the lucrative world of online eCommerce shopping, where people can shop in their underwear. We love eCommerce shopping websites.

Here's how we build 'em:

Start with well used, well-supported software

We exclusively build with the world's leading Content Management System (CMS), which is WordPress, and the world's leading WordPress shopping cart tool, which is WooCommerce. Both of these are mature, tested programs that receive constant updates and improvements. They're cheap to build and easy to find help on.

Think Through the Options

An online cart is not a simple application. There are many features - some built-in, some available as add-ons, and some that require custom coding. We work closely with our clients to define these parameters in order to reduce the chance that your site doesn't quite do what you need it to.

Apply add-ons from trusted vendors

Whenever possible we use WooCommerce branded add-ons. These are developed by Woo themselves, for maximum compatibility and reliability.

Style and Code

Nothing is ever quite right out of the box, and on many occasions, what's desired is a truly custom creation. Not a problem - our team can do everything from pro-level graphic design to studs-out custom coded applications that sit on top of a Woo framework.


Depending on what's on our plate, your eCommerce project can be completed in as little as four or five weeks.  Contact us for a more specific time estimate please, because what's on our plate varies constantly. The wait to start an eCommerce project seldom exceeds four weeks though, meaning the whole project can be done in 8 weeks if you can have everything we need to complete your project promptly.

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What's in the Box

eCommerce Website Design
More pages and products can be added by us for a little extra money, or added by you using the intuitive WordPress and WooCommerce interface. It's easy, and don't worry - we'll train you and be here if you have any questions.
Configuring up to 10 e-mail addresses
That's assuming you're very responsive, of course.
Update your content yourself whenever you want using the world's most popular Content Management tool, WordPress! We'll train you and support you so you can get the results you want without having to hire an expensive web developer every time you want to add an update.
Your website will automatically have an easy-to-use blog and contact form.
Your new website will look great on wide monitors, narrow cell hones, and everything in between
Worming your way into Google's heart isn't easy, but we'll start you off on the right foot with speed optimization, https implementation, keyword-rich titles, descriptions, page URLs, and image alt tags. Learn More
A good website should load fast. We always implement caching plugins, optimize images, and include Cloudflare CDN to ensure your website loads up quick.
Your site will remain secure thanks to iThemes Security plugin, daily Sucuri scans, SSL encryption, and Cloudflare Firewall protection.
We backup every client's content weekly, and we backup every client's files monthly. We store our backups on a 3rd party server, so if your server goes down, we can get you back up and running with a minimum of fuss.
We monitor every website in real time using UpTime. If your website has a problem, we'll know about it before you will.
Our quality assurance (QA) team will test your website in Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and Internet Edge, as well as on Apple devices, Android devices, and Windows devices before we release it to you for review
No hidden costs, ancillary costs, ongoing costs, contract, or anything. It's all yours. With that said, we should probably mention that every website requires about $5-$10/month for things like hosting, but that will be between you and your hosting company. Also, we encourage you to maintain your website much as you do your personal computer to keep it secure and bug free, by keeping up with periodic software updates. You can hire us to do that or do it yourself or hire anyone else you like. We hope you hire us, but we'll have to earn that business from you.
If you like your current host, you can keep it. If you don't have one, or want to switch, we'll help you get a new one. It's cheap and easy.

Some Completed eCommerce Website Design Projects

Our web design portfolio consists of websites we built for a variety of industries, such as Architecture, Construcion, Financial, Lodging, Health, Fitness, and the many other industries that are too many to name them all here.

  • Austin Leather & Gallery

    Austin Leather & Gallery

    The website redesign features an online eCommerce shopping cart full of leather furniture and other retail products.

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  • Rae Cosmetics

    Rae Cosmetics

    Rae Cosmetics features an online eCommerce shopping cart full of beauty and performance products.

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  • Numberock


    The Numberock eCommerce website redesign was a custom coded solution that allowed lessons to be created with custom fields for…

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