Standard Website – $8,000

$8,000 Gets you Everything You Need and Nothing You Don't

No Compromises - Just Web Goodness.

Standard Website Design Prices and Examples

Fundraising Fruit Project

If you want something that looks great, has six or ten pages of info about your product, and helps your customers find you, may we please introduce you to the standard website package. This package includes everything you'll need to come correct. No big whoop.

This package was built with the needs of doctors and plumbers, bakers, and candlestick-makers in mind. It will have plenty of information about you, your product or service, how to contact you - and through its great design it will exhibit your good taste and enhance your brand's value as well. It's a website much like the one you're looking at now, only with not quite so many pages. You can always add more pages yourself any time you like though - WordPress makes that easy. Or we can throw in some extra pages as one or two of the included bells and whistles that we always include with this package.

Timeframe: Depending on what's on our plate, maybe as little as three or four weeks.  Contact us for a more specific time estimate please, because what's on our plate varies constantly. The wait to start a standard website project seldom exceeds 4 weeks though, meaning the whole project can be done in 7 weeks if you can have everything we need to complete your project promptly.

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What's in the Box

Standard Website Package
Up to 10 pages of content
Configuring up to 10 e-mail addresses
A bell and whistle is anything special that your website has and that takes a few extra hours. For example, if you have elaborate forms you want your website visitors to complete, or if you have 10 extra pages of content, or you need an interactive calendar, each of those could count as a bell and whistle. We figure most websites have a couple of extra things so we include them in this package.  Read more.
That's assuming you're very responsive, of course.
Update your content yourself whenever you want using the world's most popular Content Management tool, WordPress! We'll train you and support you so you can get the results you want without having to hire an expensive web developer every time you want to add an update.
Your website will automatically have an easy-to-use blog and contact form.
Your new website will look great on wide monitors, narrow cell hones, and everything in between
Worming your way into Google's heart isn't easy, but we'll start you off on the right foot with speed optimization, https implementation, keyword-rich titles, descriptions, page URLs, and image alt tags. Learn More
A good website should load fast. We always implement caching plugins, optimize images, and include Cloudflare CDN to ensure your website loads up quick.
Your website will remain secure thanks to iThemes Security plugin, daily Sucuri scans, SSL encryption, and Cloudflare Firewall protection.
We backup every client's content weekly, and we backup every client's files monthly. We store our backups on a 3rd party server, so if your server goes down, we can get you back up and running with a minimum of fuss.
We monitor every website in real time using UpTime. If your website has a problem, we'll know about it before you will.
Our quality assurance (QA) team will test your website in Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and Internet Edge, as well as on Apple devices, Android devices, and Windows devices before we release it to you for review
No hidden costs, ancillary costs, ongoing costs, contract, or anything. It's all yours. With that said, we should probably mention that every website requires about $5-$10/month for things like hosting, but that will be between you and your hosting company. Also, we encourage you to maintain your website much as you do your personal computer to keep it secure and bug free, by keeping up with periodic software updates. You can hire us to do that or do it yourself or hire anyone else you like. We hope you hire us, but we'll have to earn that business from you.
If you like your current host, you can keep it. If you don't have one, or want to switch, we'll help you get a new one. It's cheap and easy.

Some Completed Standard Web Design Projects

Our web design portfolio consists of websites we built for a variety of industries, such as Legal, Healthcare, Engineering, Education, Entertainment, and the many other industries that are too many to name them all here.

  • Society of Black Archaeologists

    Society of Black Archaeologists

    This site features custom media features, easy to update private member directory, and an event calendar within a Standard Web…

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  • Lee County Petroleum

    Lee County Petroleum

    Lee County Petroleum is a distributor of gasoline and diesel motor fuels under the Chevron, Texaco, Citgo, Valero, and Flint…

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  • ASCE Texas Section

    ASCE Texas Section

    Website redesign project for ASCE Texas section. An engineering industry website we developed for our client.

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