Standard Website – $3650

$3650 Gets you Everything you Need and Nothing You Don't

No Compromises - Just Web Goodness.

If you want something that looks great, has six or ten pages of info about your product, and helps your customers find you, may we please introduce you to the standard site package. This package includes everything you'll need to come correct. No big whoop.

This package was built with the needs of doctors and plumbers, bakers, and candlestick-makers in mind. It will have plenty of information about you, your product or service, how to contact you - and through its great design it will exhibit your good taste and enhance your brand's value as well. It's a site much like the one you're looking at now, only with not quite so many pages. You can always add more pages yourself any time you like though - WordPress makes that easy. Or we can throw in some extra pages as one or two of the included bells and whistles that we always include with this package.

Time–frame: Depending on what's on our plate, maybe as little as three or four weeks.  Contact us for a more specific time estimate please, because what's on our plate varies constantly. The wait to start a project seldom exceeds 4 weeks though, meaning the whole project can be done in 7 weeks if you can have everything we need to complete your project promptly.

What's in the Box

Standard Site Package
Up to 10 pages of content
Configuring up to 10 e-mail addresses
A bell and whistle is anything special that your site has and that takes a few extra hours. For example, if you have elaborate forms you want your site visitors to complete, or if you have 10 extra pages of content, or you need an interactive calendar, each of those could count as a bell and whistle. We figure most sites have a couple of extra things so we include them in this package.  Read more.
That's assuming you're very responsive, of course.
Update your content yourself whenever you want using the world's most popular Content Management tool, WordPress! We'll train you and support you so you can get the results you want without having to hire an expensive web developer every time you want to add an update.
Your site will automatically have an easy-to-use blog and contact form.
Your new site will look great on wide monitors, narrow cell hones, and everything in between
Worming your way into Google's heart isn't easy, but we'll start you off on the right foot with speed optimization, https implementation, keyword-rich titles, descriptions, page URLs, and image alt tags. Learn More
A good website should load fast. We always implement caching plugins, optimize images, and include Cloudflare CDN to ensure your site loads up quick.
Your site will remain secure thanks to iThemes Security plugin, daily Sucuri scans, SSL encryption, and Cloudflare Firewall protection.
We backup every client's content weekly, and we backup every client's files monthly. We store our backups on a 3rd party server, so if your server goes down, we can get you back up and running with a minimum of fuss.
We monitor every site in real time using UpTime. If your site has a problem, we'll know about it before you will.
Our quality assurance (QA) team will test your site in Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and Internet Edge, as well as on Apple devices, Android devices, and Windows devices before we release it to you for review
No hidden costs, ancillary costs, ongoing costs, contract, or anything. It's all yours. With that said, we should probably mention that every site requires about $5-$10/month for things like hosting, but that will be between you and your hosting company. Also, we encourage you to maintain your site much as you do your personal computer to keep it secure and bug free, by keeping up with periodic software updates. You can hire us to do that or do it yourself or hire anyone else you like. We hope you hire us, but we'll have to earn that business from you.
If you like your current host, you can keep it. If you don't have one, or want to switch, we'll help you get a new one. It's cheap and easy.

Some Completed Standard Sites

  • The Jordan Law Office

    The Jordan Law Office

    The new Jordan Law Office website features full-width images, is mobile responsive, and features lazy loaded images. The site also…

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  • Episcopal Homes Minnesota

    Episcopal Homes Minnesota

    The website redesign for Episcopal Homes Minnesota features a full-width header image with a call-to-action, custom-coded home page functionality, is…

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  • Pirate Pipe & Tubular

    Pirate Pipe & Tubular

    Pirate Pipe & Tubular needed a responsive website that showcased their OCTG offerings with in-depth sizing details, and a contact…

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  • Aragon Auto Glass

    Aragon Auto Glass

    Aragon Auto Glass is an automotive glass repair and installation company in the Austin, TX area.  They were looking to…

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  • Bar Partners

    Bar Partners

    Bar Partners new website redesign features full-width images, a responsive design, vertical image sliders, and accordions to toggle hidden information.…

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  • LUMI Learning

    LUMI Learning

    LUMI Learning's new website redesign features a background video section, light box video pop ups, full-width image areas, a testimonial…

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  • Texas Equipment Solutions

    Texas Equipment Solutions

    The website for Texas Equipment Solutions features a full-width header call-to-action, a page dedicated to the charitable organizations supported by…

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  • IronBridge Private Wealth

    IronBridge Private Wealth

    IronBridge Private Wealth needed a responsive website that would connect them with potential clients and showcase the fiduciary standards that…

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  • MDibby Radio

    MDibby Radio

    The website design for MDibby Radio features a full-width parallax background on the home page, is mobile responsive, and features…

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  • Education Foundation, Lockhart ISD

    Education Foundation, Lockhart ISD

    The Education Foundation for Lockhart ISD's new website features a full-width slider, lazy load animations, a donation portal, a custom…

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  • Emergent Group

    Emergent Group

    The Emergent Group's website redesign features a full-width slider, custom CSS elements, lazy-loaded animations, and a contact form. The website…

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    IPMAP LLC integrates economics, finance, engineering, and law, and supports its consulting services with academic research in innovation economics, intellectual…

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  • Yuzhi IP

    Yuzhi IP

    Yuzhi IP Advisors is the world’s premier patent asset management advisory firm specializing in China and Asia markets. Yuzhi IP…

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  • Community Montessori School

    Community Montessori School

    Community Montessori School's website project included a calendar implementation, custom designed site layout throughout the pages and an easy-to-use backend…

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  • Austin Family Allergy & Asthma

    Austin Family Allergy & Asthma

    Austin Family Allergy & Asthma's website redesign features full-width sliders, full-width colored and image backgrounds, and lazy loaded elements. The…

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  • Hart Jobs

    Hart Jobs

    Hart Jobs website project included a slider implementation, custom coded job search section that links with 3rd party software and…

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  • Acclaro Growth Partners

    Acclaro Growth Partners

    The website redesign for Acclaro Growth Partners features a full-width slider, full-width parallax background rows, is mobile responsive, and features…

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  • Pierce Sauer Law PLLC

    Pierce Sauer Law PLLC

    Pierce Sauer PLLC website project included slider implementation, testimonial slider and widgets, individual lawyer custom posts with an easy-to-use backend…

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  • Austin Mobile Storage

    Austin Mobile Storage

    Austin Mobile Storage is an Austin based portable storage company that's been in the self storage industry since 1997. AMS…

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  • Blazon 512

    Blazon 512

    Blazon 512 is a fresh new business on the market with a unique concept. Blazon allows leading brands and businesses…

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  • Trust Consulting Group

    Trust Consulting Group

    Trust Consulting Group redesigned website features full-width sections that include image and colored backgrounds, lazy loaded sections for faster load…

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  • Clear Choice Eye Care

    Clear Choice Eye Care

    Clear Choice Eyecare's website redesign included a full-width slider, parallax background sections, lazy loaded animations, and included several custom forms…

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  • Shur-Rig


    Shur-Rig website redesign includes a full-width slider, full-width parallax sections, an online gallery to showcase their portfolio of work and…

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  • Trinity Episcopal Church

    Trinity Episcopal Church

    Trinity Episcopal Church needed a website to provide information in an easily accessible format to their church members. Their site…

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  • RTM Consulting

    RTM Consulting

    RTM Consulting needed a responsive solution to market their extensive list services. In order to showcase their content we created…

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  • IEC Corporation

    IEC Corporation

    IEC Corporation is a leader in the slip ring manufacturing industry. We did a complete redesign for their website.  Their…

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  • Titanium Payments

    Titanium Payments

    Titanium Payments wanted a new site that reflected the look of their old one but with minor changes, upgrades, fixes…

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  • Ranch at Cypress Creek MUD

    Ranch at Cypress Creek MUD

    The Ranch at Cypress Creek MUD wanted a website redesign that was modern, mobile responsive, and easy to navigate. Their…

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  • Russell Boothe Paving

    Russell Boothe Paving

    Russell Boothe Paving is a Texas based Construction company specializing in brick paving, retainer walls, and excavation. Russell Boothe Paving…

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  • Robert Howell, ADR

    Robert Howell, ADR

    The website features a full-width parallax sections, an animated navigation menu, and an embedded Google Map.

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  • Just Liberty

    Just Liberty

    Just Liberty's new website features a full-width slider, parallax images, team profiles, and 3rd party integrations for the multiple forms…

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  • Willis Graves and Associates

    Willis Graves and Associates

    Willis, Graves and Associates goals for their website redesign project was to modernize it, make it responsive to work on…

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    GoLCDs wanted a website redesign that features a robust form, a responsive table to list their current rates, and a…

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  • Great Southwest Regional center, LLC.

    Great Southwest Regional center, LLC.

    Great Southwest Regional Center is an Austin based business specializing obtaining green card status for qualified foreign investors as well…

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  • Erling Service & Sales

    Erling Service & Sales

    Erling supplies and serves all industries where liquid fueling and metering equipment are used, their website helps connect them to…

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  • Girl Reimagined

    Girl Reimagined

    Girl Reimagined provides online coaching and advice for teens and young women. We created a beautiful site for them, featuring a…

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  • Laser MFG

    Laser MFG

    Laser Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in high-precision manufacturing. For Laser MFG, we gave their old website a complete redesign, with vivid imagery,…

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  • Investment Precious Metals

    Investment Precious Metals

    Investment Precious Metals is a financial website that provides information about the currency and precious metal exchange as well as…

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  • IRWA Chapter 74

    IRWA Chapter 74

    Bluebonnet Chapter No. 74, is the Austin, TX, chapter of the International Right of Way Association. They required a site…

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  • SMA Alumni Foundation

    SMA Alumni Foundation

    The Staunton Military Academy Alumni Foundation's Scholarship program website features a full-width slider with animated captions, a secured HTTPS connection…

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  • Grounded Dancewear

    Grounded Dancewear

    The Grounded Dancewear website is mobile responsive, features a product gallery, and includes a customized form that estimates quotes based…

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  • Petros PACE

    Petros PACE

    The new Petros PACE website redesign features full-width parallax sections with images, a portfolio section to showcase their projects, a…

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  • Mt. Playmore

    Mt. Playmore

    Mt. Playmore had a basic website and were looking to upgrade with a site that would comprehensively showcase their facilities,…

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  • Modern to Vintage

    Modern to Vintage

    This antique dealer wanted a site that would be primarily visual and that they could easily update with new products…

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  • J Square Architecture

    J Square Architecture

    J Square wanted a clean and professional portfolio site that would reflect the aesthetic sensibilities of their firm and would…

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  • Benchmark Custom Homes

    Benchmark Custom Homes

    This client wanted a simple, elegant representation of their high-end custom home architecture, as well as a blog they could…

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  • American Valmark

    American Valmark

    The client wanted a website that would showcase their abilities and provide examples of work and equipment.

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  • Garrison Capital

    Garrison Capital

    "The site looks great -- I'm happy with the way it turned out. Thank you very much for going through…

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  • Roots Behavioral Health

    Roots Behavioral Health

    Roots Behavioral Health provides comprehensive behavioral health care for adults in Central Texas. We created a new, beautiful responsive website for…

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  • Piper Whitney

    Piper Whitney

    Piper Whitney wanted a clean site that would showcase their eco-friendly approach to construction and include a categorized gallery with…

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  • John Watterson, PHD

    John Watterson, PHD

    "Austin Web & Design did a great job on my website. They helped me resolve issues that I had been…

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  • Stardust Detail

    Stardust Detail

    Stardust Detail owner Constantine, prides himself on his clean work and attention to detail. Naturally he wanted his website to…

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  • Set Ablaze Medic

    Set Ablaze Medic

    "Austin Web and Design has been outstanding! The designers took my vision and made it reality and for way less…

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  • Travel and Cruise Vacations

    Travel and Cruise Vacations

    Great work on my website James!!! I can just email what I want done over to you and it's completed…

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  • Casa del Sol Bed and Breakfast

    Casa del Sol Bed and Breakfast

    "I just wanted to communicate how happy we are with the website, Casa del Sol. After a long start, it…

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  • Domain Realty Austin

    Domain Realty Austin

    Domain Realty Austin's website redesign features full-width parallax images and colored backgrounds, lazy load elements, embedded YouTube videos, and an…

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  • QA Consulting, Inc.

    QA Consulting, Inc.

    QA Consulting is an Austin business providing medical device manufacturers with exceptional consulting services by applying a team-based approach to quality,…

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  • Team Craft

    Team Craft

    I’ve completed my review of the website. I think it looks GREAT! Thanks for your excellent work. - Rich Weider,…

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  • Brakes for Less – Texas

    Brakes for Less – Texas

    Brakes for Less - Texas is part of the Brakes for Less franchise that services the San Antonio and Austin…

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  • Texas Unemployment Lawyer

    Texas Unemployment Lawyer

    Texas Unemployment Lawyer, Kerry O'Brien's redesign for his website involved a new, modern look and a place he could put…

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  • Capitol Hospice Care

    Capitol Hospice Care

    "Working with Kim and the AWD team has been amazing! They have upgraded three sites for us and completely built…

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  • Capitol Senior Care

    Capitol Senior Care

    "Working with Kim and the AWD team has been amazing! They have upgraded three sites for us and completely built…

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  • Austin Wood Works

    Austin Wood Works

    Austin Wood Works wanted a redesign of their old HTML website. Items that were important to Austin Wood Works included…

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  • neuappliances


    Neuappliances is an appliance reseller and consignment company with a brick and mortar retail location. The client needed a responsive…

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  • Acura Roofing

    Acura Roofing

    Acura Roofing needed a responsive website that allowed them to showcase their services, connect with potential clients, and offer an…

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  • SciSpike


    SciSpike is a software consulting, development, and training company that needed a responsive website that allowed for course listing, newsletter/white…

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  • Odyssey School

    Odyssey School

    This site allows the educational institution to showcase it's programs, staff, as well as upcoming events. In addition to customizing…

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  • Murder in Texas

    Murder in Texas

    This site not only advertises the author's book, and linking to purchasing outlets, but also allows him to provide insight…

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  • Confirmed Consent

    Confirmed Consent

    "With that said James, gotta say we love working with you and how responsive/efficient you've been."

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  • Mac Med Surg

    Mac Med Surg

    The new Mac Med Surg website features full-width imagery, a sticky menu, a contact form, and a mailing list signup…

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  • Guard-IT


    Guard-IT's website redesign was to give the website a more modern feel while also keeping their user uploads safe and…

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  • PGR Partners, LLC

    PGR Partners, LLC

    PGR Partners' website is a means for conveying, to their users, all the different services, and products that PGR Partners…

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  • Red River Restoration

    Red River Restoration

    "I have worked with AWD for 6 years now and the service has always been fantastic: fast, responsive, accurate, collaborative…

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  • Peaks of Life

    Peaks of Life

    The new Peaks of Life website features a full-width slider with captions, a blog for their upcoming events, a testimonial…

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  • Language USA

    Language USA

    "We are proud of our new website. Thank you and your team for working with us this year ..." -…

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  • Red Oak Football

    Red Oak Football

    The new Red Oak Football website features a full-width image as a home page background, lazy loaded sections, an embedded…

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  • Crystal Springs Custom Pools

    Crystal Springs Custom Pools

    The new Crystal Springs Custom Pools' website features a full-width parallax slider, a portfolio section to showcase their projects, lazy…

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