Logo Design

Logo Design

Great logos don't happen by accident.

Just as your business did not fall from the sky, great logos don’t happen by accident. They come to fruition through careful consideration of your brand’s promise, values, and goals. Who are you? Why are you important? Who is your audience and what do you want to tell them? Your logo will not only communicate these messages, but will give your brand a public face. With only a short glance, your brand can be viewed as approachable, professional, and reliable. Whether your brand needs a credible face or a facelift, you know what you want to convey and we know how to get it for you.

The Creative Process

At Austin Web and Design we contribute thoughtful deliberation to every logo we design. Our process includes several crucial steps to create the best logo for your business.

  1. Background Research
  2. We’ll send you a brief questionnaire requesting information that will help us best understand everything your business has to offer and figure out which key elements make you stand out.

  3. Industry & Target Market Analysis
  4. We can learn a lot from inspecting the marketplace and trends for businesses that operate in your field. We’ll consider the needs of your target market and what makes your company shine. With this knowledge, we can identify aspects that build a successful brand.

  5. Concept Development
  6. By researching design precedents, and general inspirations, we can determine what key messages your logo must convey to best establish your brand identity. Once we’ve established these concepts, we’ll show you some prototypes.

  7. Memorable Design
  8. Once we’ve established design goals and laid out the components it’s time to put together a beautiful design that not only conveys your message, but leaves a lasting impression with just the right splash of personality. View our Logo Design portfolio.

What You Get

Access to raw vector formats of the final logo as well as high resolution file types including ai, eps, tiff, pdf, jpg, and transparent & white backgrounded png. A black and white file is also provided to the client for potential intellectual property submissions (trademark / copyright).

Branding guidelines to be provided upon request.


Our standard logos start at a base of $1000. Once we have evaluated your company profile and needs, we will provide a final quote along with an outline of deliverables.

See for yourself!

Want to see what we can do?

Click here to take a peek at our Logo Design portfolio.

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