Ben Andrews

Ben Andrews

Ben Andrews

Web Developer

Ben started his journey into IT by getting a temporary job answering phones in a tech support department for a telecoms company and within 6 months had been offered a permanent position and was running the team with 165 wonderful and dedicated agents under his command.

After 4 years of running the department, the company decided to move the operation to the UK in order to cut costs and sent Ben to oversee the transfer and so it came to pass that the young man who started his career answering phones was now responsible for a contact center of 2200 staff.

Once the transfer was complete Ben decided that it was time to move on to new things as his beloved tech support team was no more and so when he was approached by a major broadcasting company to run their tech support team and oversee the roll out of their video on demand web offering, he jumped at the chance.

By this time, the love of tech and all things geek had truly taken hold of Ben and he really wanted to get his hands dirty so he took a leap of faith with a small start-up company and began installing voice over IP telephone systems for a network engineering company back when voice over IP was something akin to witchcraft.

Whilst the networking company did not survive the recession, it ignited Ben's passion to get more to grips with technology. His focus became networking, programming, and the web and so he went back to school gaining a Higher National Diploma in Computing & Software Engineering followed by a degree in Computer Science & Software Engineering from the University of Ulster.

Whilst on work placement for his degree Ben discovered web development as a viable path to the laptop lifestyle that many of us dream of. Ben spent 4 wonderful years with the same company that took him on as an intern eventually becoming a part owner of the business.

During one of the many campaigns to ensure a steady flow of projects the company decided to reach out to other development agencies and offer to provide them with a white labeled development service. Having taken some time to assess the competition in the white labeling field, the company felt it could stand out from the crowd simply by being responsive, reliable, knowledgeable and cost effective.

It was at this time that not only Ben, but the entire team found it's new home at Austin Web and Design. Isaac and the team here made the decision very easy to jump on board as their goals were directly aligned with Bens. This was a group of people with extensive knowledge, talent, enthusiasm and a great mindset of pure determination to do the best possible for their clients.

Nowadays Ben delivers top quality web development projects by treating each and every project as though it were his own. If it wouldn't be good enough to represent Ben's own business then it definitely isn't going to represent his clients!

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