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Never Compromise

At Austin Web and Design, our firm's goal is to make great design available to all.

Many website design companies are founded by people who are passionate about design or passionate about programming. We're first and foremost passionate about effective, brand-centric marketing communication. Followed closely by design. And programming. And puppies. But effective, brand-centric marketing communication comes first.

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Don't I know you from somewhere?

The Big Idea

Identify the underlying reason your prospects should choose you and then design a website that communicates that without compromise.

Our philosophy, in short, is to design something that works and then build it. Some web design agencies and companies are founded to give their owners a chance to make great, original designs. Not us. We're in business to make websites that communicate well.


Web Designers and Web Developers

You're all fired.

There has been a quiet revolution in web design. Ten years ago, building websites was an expensive proposition requiring a well–paid graphic artist, an even–better–paid programmer, and maybe a project manager and account executive or two. Today that’s all changed.

How? Imagine it’s Mothers’ Day. Now imagine there’s no such thing as ready-made greeting cards. To give mom a quality card, you’ll hire a designer, a copywriter, a printer, a photographer, and an illustrator. You could still build your website that way too. Or...

Yes, that’s right. There is now a Hallmark for websites (see resources). And just like Hallmark, they have a huge selection of great–looking websites to choose from and no one will ever know or care that it started life as a template. After you buy it, you write in your own personalized message and voilà!

Well, it’s not quite that simple, but you get the idea. It's actually a little more like buying a suit and having it custom tailored, or buying a home and then doing a studs-out remodel. There are lots of templates for sale, but customizing them to fit your specific brand and marketing objective takes a little effort. Plus, you might want to add in some custom functionality.

You hire a company to build you a car from scratch. Why get a website that way?

Here's the Story

Of a man named Isaac.

The founder of Austin Web and Design, Isaac, was once Director of Marketing at an Austin law firm, where, like any business, it was important that the website convey competence and success. When it came time to redesign their website though, all the local web design companies were either too expensive or weren’t offering much in the way of website design. Sound familiar?

Later, Isaac discovered that you can actually build a really nice website pretty affordable by leveraging various resources, and Austin Web and Design was born. Never again will a perfectly good small or medium business have to settle for a so-so website.

Our Guarantee

Risk is the enemy.

If you’re shopping for a creative service, you usually don’t know what you're getting until after you’ve paid for it. Since you don’t pay us anything until after you’ve chosen a template, that’s not really an issue with us. Your website will look a lot like the template.

Also, you don’t make your last payment (usually half of the total) until the work is completed to your satisfaction.

Here’s our guarantee:

We guarantee you'll be surprised at how much website we can build on your budget.

Pretty Sells

Passing the smell test.

It’s funny. The same realtor who would never take his clients around in anything but an immaculate Lexus is perfectly happy with a website they built themselves with Quicken. The same attorney whose lobby is a showplace will let their website resemble an exhibit of late '90s web faux pas.

Pretty websites sell for the same reason pretty everything else sells. Would you trust a business more if they looked successful and appeared to be at least able to put together a nice–looking website? Would you pay more to work with a company that looked like they really have it together?

Nothing succeeds like success.

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