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The Freebie
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Newsletter of Austin Web and Design Thursday June 14, 2012
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the goods
You like ice cream? I like ice cream!
The Freebies
Word on the Street
Membership Sites - Yeah, We Do That.
Shopping Carts - Yup, We Do Those Too.
The New SEO
Austin Web and Design - The Movie
Isaac Simon

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You like ice cream? I like ice cream!

We're still working out the details of how to send ice cream by e-mail. We just have to figure out how to keep attachments from melting. 

Dlites Austin Healthy Ice Cream Shop
The Freebies

1) Number one with a bullett: Free Ice Cream.  It's unheard of right?  Well, it just so happens that our awesome client D'Lites of Austin will give you a free cone if you go to their Facebook page and "like" it.  Yup, it's a facebook like-and-reveal campaign, and yeah, we set it up for them.  (Note: they open 7/4/12)


2) Want even more free ice cream? Boy, you are a glutton!  Good thing D'Lites stuff is all healthy healthy healthy.  To get a buy one - get one coupon for D'Lites Austin, go to our facebook page, like it, and click the bottom-right box for your coupon.  (Note: they still don't open until 7/4/12 though)


3) $100 in free Google Adwords  (New Adwords accounts only).  We're engaged!  Not really.  We are Google Engage partners though, so we get free AdWords training, sweet Google schwag, and lots of $100 coupon codes to give away to you.  Reply if you want one.  (And yes, we can definitely help you get it set up).


4) SEO Reports from SEO Moz For a limited time we'll use our SEO Moz Pro membership to run the  following reports:

  • List of all your backlinks with anchor text
  • On-Page Optimization recommendations
  • Page Rank for various keywords
Word on the Street

As a referral-based business, we live and die by our online reputation.  Please spread the word on our Facebook Page, Yelp! Page, or Google Local (Google Local now requires a gmail account).


Here's what clients have posted recently:


"I highly recommend Austin Web and Design! From the day my site went live I received one compliment after another... AWD has always been prompt in responding to my requests for updates and changes and very good at making sound recommendations on how to best enhance the effectiveness of my site. Thank you AWD!"

(From Facebook, Thanks Eric Engberg!)


"I absolutely enjoy working with Isaac and his team. He is patient, works hard and does GREAT work! Oh, and he works normal business hours too and is accessible (I can't say that about all designers/developers). I highly recommend Austin Web and Design!"

(From Yelp!, Thanks Laura N.!)

Membership Sites - Yeah, We Do That.

Did you know Austin Web and Design owner Isaac Simon is a veteran marketer for the Texas PTA, TNLA, TFEA, and TTIA?  Those aren't just a bunch of random letters - they're membership associations.  It's no wonder we like building membership sites so much.  


If you need a site with member-only content areas, facebook-like social media tools, and/or paid access, let us help.  We recenty wrapped a project for the Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas and also set up member-only areas for ZBS Dental and D'Lites Austin.

Shopping Carts - Yup, We Do Those Too.

We just configured a shopping cart for ZBS Dental that

  • Integrates with Quickbooks in real time
  • Allows the client to set a different price for each of their customers for each product
  • Supports wholesale customer-only access

We also helped Wimberley Valley Winery with their Joomla cart that can now

  • Sell and Schedule Wine Class registrations
  • Accept Groupon coupon codes
  • Has an improve look and feel
  • Limits their cart to Texas-based orders only

Neat, huh?

ZBS Dental Shopping Cart - Wholesale only
The New SEO

We're excited to have hired the Search Engine Optimization geniuses over at SEO Acuity to improve our page rank.  If that's all greek to you, all you need to know is these guys are going to get us to the top of page 1 in Google for the search term, "Austin Web Design."


OK phone: start ringing.

Austin Web and Design - The Movie

As part of our SEO improvement regimen, we needed some new movies.  Check 'em out!

Links to our Youtube channel.  Yes, we have a youtube channel.  Check it out, especially f you're having trouble sleeping!  j/k.
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