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Newsletter of Austin Web and Design Tuesday April 5, 2011
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List Bullet Well Hi There!
List Bullet This Month's Freebies
List Bullet For Only How Much Did You Say?
List Bullet Spread the Word Like Butter
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Isaac Simon

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Well Hi There!

This is the very first Austin Web and Design company newsletter. We created it to help stay in touch with our customers and friends and keep everyone up to date on the goings–on at Austin Web and Design.


So, there’s actually been a lot of goings–on lately. We redesigned our own web-site, we have a new referral rewards program that offers a whopping 20% for any new business you bring us, and we have a brand-new, low-end website package for only $600. Read on...

This Month's Freebies

Freebies are exactly that.  Tell your friends.  If it’s on this list, we’re giving it away.


1) Need some free stock art? Go to istockphoto and pick out a few things.  Then e-mail me with your selections.  These images are on a first-come, first-served basis, so get me your selections before I run out.


2) It's 2011. Let’s get that copyright updated! I’ve been in touch with my existing clients about this already, but the offer is available to anyone. 


3) Free hosting with any new website package for one year.


Note: (Here’s the only catch) I do ask that anyone getting a freebie give me a review, tweet, status update, like, or in-bound link please.

For Only How Much Did You Say?

Some people just want the basics. OK by us. To better meet that need, Austin Web and Design now offers a streamlined website package for only $600. Do these sites look great? Of course. Are they quick and cheap? Well, yeah. Here are a couple examples:,

Spread the Word Like Butter

We pay you 20% of any new business you bring to our attention, so tell everyone you know. Refer, refer, refer!

The New Hotness

One year after opening our doors we redesigned our own website and now it looks better than ever. We added lots of new features, content, and widgets. Among other things, you can find a nice chart of our services and how much you'll need to thrown down (which, of course, will be super affordable as usual. That’s one thing that hasn’t changed about us: great prices). So go ahead and check out the new site where you can view our extended, animated portfolio and also learn more about what we like to call the Redux Project.


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